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To call the current DJ, dial 3205896355. Music can sent to KUMM Radio, 600 East 4th Street, Morris MN, 56267. KUMM is student-run, if you think you want to e-mail the faculty advisor, you probably should email the station manager. Click here for a direct link to our live stream, to play in a media player.

For general station inquiries that don't fall into any of the other categories mentioned:

Cal Mergendahl

Station Manager

Office Hours: Mon/Wed 1:00-2:30pm


For music submissions:


Ava Allroggen

Music Director

Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00am-12pm


For Advertising and Merchandising:


Hal Johnson

Publicity Director

Office Hours: Mon 1:00-3pm


For questions about Social Media and the Website:


Lloyd Hilsgen

Online Director

Office Hours: Tue 2:00-4pm

For DJ Training:


Micah Kafka

Training Director

Office Hours: Thursday 12:00-2pm


For questions about the schedule or the loop:


Cameron Berthiaume

Program Director

Office Hours: Mon 3:00-5pm

For questions about events:


Johannah Woodley

Live Music Coordinator

Office Hours: Tue/Thu 3:00-4pm

For questions about our News segments:


Gray Kruse

News Director

Office Hours: 1pm-2:30pm Fri

Our Faculty Advisor:


Nic McPhee

Faculty Advisor