Are you a prospective freshman looking to get involved with KUMM? We’re always looking for new music, assistance, and talent in our studio. To get involved with us,  follow these steps.

To become a DJ, visit us at the activities fair during welcome week. If you missed our table, email our training director, Attend a brief training session, and you’re in! Just make sure to come to our meetings and do your show!


Executive staff have more privileges and responsibilities at KUMM. If you’re passionate about the station, and want to help out more, consider an exec position. Some jobs are elected by the general staff, while others are appointed by the station manager. Opening staff positions and elections will be announced as they come at our monthly meetings.


this Spring, the online director exec staff position will be available. If you are tech savvy or interested in social media outreach, email our current director at Training could begin this semester to ensure a smooth transition.