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Become a DJ

DJ positions are available to all students and faculty of the University of Minnesota, Morris and also to
community members. As a DJ you host a weekly radio show that is broadcast locally on 89.7 FM
and streamed online.

The first step to become a DJ is to contact the training director via email on the Contact page.

Once you have filled out the form, our training director will be in contact with you about what the training process involves.

Join the Staff

Every executive staff position is up for election or rehire every year. The Station Manager and the Program, News, Music and Publicity Directors are elected by the KUMM general staff. The Live Music, Online and Training Directors and are hired annually by the newly elected Executive Staff and serve as members on the KUMM Executive Staff.

Elections take place in late April every year and those elected begin the following fall. These positions are available to all students however prior experience with KUMM is strongly recommended.

Each Executive Staff position requires a time commitment of 4-10 hrs/week and a mandatory weekly meeting.

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Elected Executive Staff

Station Manager $1000/yr stipend
  • Coordinates and supervises activities of Executive & Business Staff
  • Responsible for station finance
    • Formulates budgets and funding proposals with input and approval from Executive Staff
    • Approves all purchases (purchases above $50 ratified by Exec Staff)
    • Controls station AFRC budget and checkbook (responsible for bookkeeping and deposits for both)
  • Calls and presides over meetings of Executive and General Staff
  • Hires Business Staff
  • Maintains Public File and reviews operating logs (monthly – file for 2 years)
  • Serves as link between engineering staff and station
  • Functions as official representative to University, Student Activities, professional associations, and outside press
Program Director$800/yr stipend
  • Serves as the head of the General Staff
  • Responsible for on-air content of station
  • Enforces station’s conduct and format rules
  • Corresponds with General Staff regarding rule violations, commendations, and scheduling
  • Schedules programming and determines on-air sound
  • Produces PSAs, special programs (morning modules and Public Affairs lineup) and live remote broadcasts
  • Creates, fills out, and reviews program logs
  • Maintains staff & substitute lists
News Director$800/yr stipend
  • Responsible for production of daily news broadcasts that are relevant to the station’s perceived audience
  • Emphasizes local stories using University publications, local & regional newspapers and original reporting/interviews
  • Responsible for production of Weekly News Review/Remix, emphasizing local issues and attempting to provide perspectives on them. Newsworthy interviews, both live and pre-recorded, should be emphasized
  • Oversees a staff of reporters and producers.  Assigns them stories and helps them improve their craft
  • Oversees any sports broadcasting
  • Works with Program Director to facilitate special event or breaking news coverage when appropriate
  • Ensures that weather, emergency, school closing information reaches the airwaves
Music Director$800/yr stipend
  • Determines what music is added to the library
    • This is quality format-appropriate music with a balance between genres (added at a sustainable level)
  • Trains and supervises a staff of music reviewers
  • Keeps contact with promotional firms, artists, and album labels to assure the music keeps flowing
  • Reports our Top 30, adds, and genre charts to CMJ, UR, kumm.org website
  • Keeps music library, as well as incoming music and promotional items, organized
  • Arranges and conducts in-studio artist sessions and interviews, and concert ticket giveaways
  • Reviews weekly playlists and enforces music format rules
Publicity Director$800/yr stipend
  • Responsible for procuring and retaining business underwriters
    • Actively seeks relationships with groups, both local and national, both businesses and other organizations.  Terms can include cash, trade-outs, and other promotional consideration
    • Maintains relationships by keeping in contact with underwriters, assuring they’re satisfied
    • Keeps clear, accurate records of underwriting agreements.
  • Responsible for station merchandising
    • Finds, designs, and markets apparel, trinkets, etc. bearing our message
    • Sells these items to the staff and public
    • Keeps clear, accurate sales and inventory records
  • Responsible for station promotions
    • Devises both innovative and time-tested methods of spreading the word about KUMM, including the Program Guide, posters, giveaways, tabling, live remotes, contests, on-air station promos, concerts, merchandising, co-sponsorships, press releases and columns, and the Internet
    • Object of these promotions: increasing listenership, awareness, and support community-wide

Hired Executive Staff

Summer Broadcast Coordinator$500 stipend
  • Organize and train (if necessary) DJs into a summer broadcast schedule
  • Attend summer AMPERS meeting(s)
  • Handle any technical or equipment problems
  • Review incoming CDs and handle mail
  • Maintain communication for all other Executive Staffers with their regular contacts (if applicable)
  • Maintain Contact with the Station Manager over months (weekly or bi-weekly updates)
  • Be ready to stand in as Station Manager if he/she cannot be reached.
Training Director$400/yr stipend
  • Formulates new DJ training program with guidance from Executive Staff
    • This program includes station philosophy, rules of consequences, equipment operation, music selection and segueing, FCC logging, break techniques, apprenticeships, and a test-out
  • Lead the training program with help from Executive Staff
  • Organizes and executes several refresh courses each year
  • Has excellent on-air skills, patience, teaching ability and availability
Live Music Coordinator$200/yr stipend + percentage of ticket sales
  • Arrange and manage 2 concerts a year
  • Contact and schedule performing bands
  • Setup all accommodations for the bands when they arrive to Morris
  • Setup other related functions for concerts (venue, security, transportation, catering, etc.)
Online Director$400/yr stipend
  • Manage the website with up-to-date, accurate and relevant content
  • Maintain the online stream
  • Receive, handle, and process online merchandise orders
  • Assist Executive Staff if they want to put content online
  • Assist Executive Staff with email setup

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Become a Sponsor

KUMM offers different tiers of underwriting contracts. Benefits of becoming a KUMM sponsor include recurring advertisements broadcast on 89.7 FM and through our online stream. For information on becoming a sponsor please contact our publicity director.

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