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Election Results & Special Election

April 13 2011
Station Manager: TIE! Additional email vote underway... more below
Program Director: Chris Ferrin
Music Director: Jesse Olsen
News Director: Kevin Klawitter
Publicity Director: Amanda Cornell

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all candidates!

As mentioned above we had a tie between Eric Gorecki and Ryan Klawitter for Station Manager last night. They have both prepared a platform paragraph. Read and decide!

Send responses to: elections@kumm.org
Voting starts at 3pm 4/13/11
Voting ends at 3pm 4/20/11

-You must use your University Email
-Voter must be a current student and a member of the KUMM general staff
-One vote per person

4/13 11:54am -- DJs who attended the election need to vote again. Their original votes (for station manager only) at the meeting do not carry over.
4/13 3pm -- Platforms posted

KUMM broadcasting Jazz Fest Saturday 4/9

April 8 2011
On Saturday April 9th KUMM will broadcast a live stream of the UMM Jazz Fest with Mike Vandenberg as the host. Tune in and support UMM Jazz Ensembles and your U90 Alternative -- KUMM.

Nominations for 2011-2012 KUMM Exec Staff due by 4/11

March 29 2011
Please send nominations for elected Executive Staff positions to manager@kumm.org by 11:59pm on 4/11. Self nominations are acceptable and encouraged!

Positions to elect:

-Station Manager
-Program Director
-News Director
-Music Director
-Publicity Director

For more information about each position, please refer to the Join KUMM page.

KUMM searching for next year's staff

March 25 2011
KUMM's General Staff will be electing next year's Executive Staff on April 12th. The following positions are elected every year:

-Station Manager
-Program Director
-News Director
-Music Director
-Publicity Director

More information about each position can be found on the Join KUMM page by clicking on "Show Executive Staff Position Descriptions". Each position receives a financial stipend.

If you are interested in running for one of the five positions above be sure to attend our next General Staff Meeting, March 29th 7pm IH109. There will be a KUMM potluck next Saturday, April 2nd where you will have the opportunity to talk to current staffers about their job. Elections will be held on April 12th.


February 24 2011
KUMM is hosing its annual Spring Concert this Saturday, February 26th at The Old #1 in Morris, MN. There isn't much going on in Morris on Saturday...so come down to The Old #1 for some great live music by The Melismatics, Mark Mallman, and Colder in Moscow (featuring UMM Alumni).

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Refer to website for most accurate events

March 21 2011
Some KUMM dates have changed since the paper copies of the spring dates were printed. Please always refer to the website for most accurate set of dates. The Adopt a Highway and Potluck are both on Sat, April 2nd and there is a General Staff Meeting on Tues, March 29th. Thanks!

Information about Fantabulous February Freebies on Studio A corkboard

February 21 2011
There is information about DJs' role in this weeks festivities about Table 1 in studio A on the corkboard. If you have any questions feel free to ask an Exec Staffer!

There is also a General Staff Meeting tomorrow: Tuesday, Feb 22 7pm IH109

KUMM's Winter Promotion: Fantabulous February Freebies

February 15 2011
During the week of Feb 21-27 we will be running the first promotion week for KUMM. You will get an email very soon about how it is going to work and you will hear more about it next week at the Gen Staff Meeting (Tues, 2/22 7pm IH109). In the meantime, you can read about it here:


Hype this! Tell everyone!

KUMM has 5 sets of Prairie Home Companion Tickets

February 2 2011
If you are interested in giving away a set of tickets (2 tickets) to the Prairie Home Companion broadcast on February 19th please contact Eric Gorecki, KUMM Training Dir, IMMEDIATELY to reserve a set of tickets for you show. How you decide to determine a winner of the tickets is up to you as the DJs of your show. But first you must make contact with Eric (training@kumm.org or find his UMM email) to reserve a set of tickets. This promotion ends 2/10 (just one week!) so act fast!

Poorman's Concert Signup

February 1 2011
Lots of available show left! The signup is on the corkboard in the KUMM lobby. For DJs unfamiliar with the Poorman's Concert, it is a radio show from 9pm to midnight every Sunday that features a single band/singer every week. Different DJs host the show every week and feature a different band. There is no limit to the number of times you can do the Poorman's Concert.

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