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FM Signal Disruption

November 11 2010
The power outage in Morris last night caused a malfunction in KUMM's FM equipment. Currently there is no FM broadcast. However you can still enjoy KUMM on your computer via our internet stream.

Listener Survey

November 10 2010
Please take the short listener survey found at the top of this page. Even if you don't consider yourself a frequent listener we would appreciate your feedback!

KUMM Live Broadcast of Open Mic Night

October 20 2010
KUMM will be broadcasting Open Mic Night LIVE from TMC on Thursday, October 28th. The event will start at approximately 9:30pm at TMC and will be broadcast LIVE on KUMM 89.7FM!

2010 HomeKUMMing Concert

October 5 2010
KUMM is proud to present the 2010 HomeKUMMing Concert!

Featuring the live music of David Yellen Band, Soulcrate, and Jeremy Messersmith at 9pm Friday, October 15 at The Old #1 in Morris, Minnesota.

This concert is an 18+ event. A valid legal ID is required. $5 at the door.

For any questions please email livemusic@kumm.org.

MN90 featured on KUMM website

September 27 2010
This new feature on our website can be found over on the right under our Listen Live links. MN90 is a co-production by the Minnesota Historical Society and AMPERS. Each weekday there is a new 90-second segment focusing on Minnesota History. The daily segments will also be aired multiple times on our FM & internet broadcasts.

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New programming page soon

October 5 2010
The new programming page will be released late this week. Much of the new site is based on show title and genre. However, we don't have titles, descriptions, and a representative genre for every show. So the shows we have little information about have been marked in the "Alternative & Indie" genre. If you see incorrect information for your show, don't take it personally, just go to this page and fill it out as best you can. We will then update the site appropriately.

You can track changes here before it goes live.

Gen Staff Meeting, Tues 9/28

September 21 2010
There will be a short meeting on Tuesday, September 28th in IH109. It starts at 7pm. Topics covered at this meeting: HomeKUMMing concert will be officially announced, Adopt a Highway, Homecoming open house, new program schedule, charts, discipline system (do your shows!), and a couple more items.

These meetings are important to attend! They have been scheduled far in advance and the date have been posted in the station and on the website (on the homepage over to the right).

If DJs have not turned a show description/genre for their show please be prepared to share that information at the meeting! Thanks

Sign in binder

September 9 2010
Please sign in for your shows using the new black sign in binder. It can be found (and returned) above the mini disk players in the slots. DJs need to sign in at the beginning of each show to verify they were at their show. DJs should also record the number of all sponsor tracks played during their show. This is for records, so our underwriters have a record of tracks played.

Please use the bottom of the forms for technical/equipment problems or questions directed toward the Exec staff in general.


Poorman's Concert Signup

September 7 2010
A list has been posted in the Station Lobby for Poorman's Concert Signup. There are many shows still available. First come first serve!

Programming schedule up

September 2 2010
The first draft of the KUMM Fall Programming Schedule is up. It currently only includes veteran DJs. New DJs will fill the remaining slots as they get trained in. If your name is on the schedule, please being doing your show as scheduled. If there are any changes that need to be made, please email program@kumm.org. We will try and keep the paper copy outside the station and the version on the web as synchronized as possible.

Also, please note that later this semester we will be moving to a programming schedule that is not based on your names rather your show name and what genre(s) you typically play. This is a required change. Your names will still be attached in your (optional) program description, but they will not be advertised on the program schedule (unless they are in the title). This change will help listeners better identify which shows they will be interested in. A list of names does nothing unless you know who the people are. A demonstration will be shown at one of the next meetings before it is implemented.

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