Station Manager

Ross Penning (penni135@morris.umn.edu)



Marco Riley (rily367@morris.umn.edu)


Ben Simondet (simon998@morris.umn.edu)


Kassandra Brandvold(brand970@morris.umn.edu)


Alyssa Powell (powel430@morris.umn.edu)

Live Music Coordinator

Position Open


Torri Jordan (jorda570@morris.umn.edu)

Online Director

Justin YaDeau (yadea003@morris.umn.edu)

Office Phone: (320) 589-6076

Song Requests: (320) 589-6355

Mailing Address:

KUMM Radio
600 E 4th St.
Morris, MN 56267

who do I contact?

Manager with any station business, budgeting issues, general questions, etc.

Program Director with questions about discipline, if you’re going to miss your show, about getting a Station Promo card set up, or other questions relating to the programming you hear on KUMM.

News Director with any questions about news, if you want to help out, or if you have content you want included.

Music Director with questions about getting your music played on KUMM, or other questions related to the music we play.

Publicity Director with questions about becoming an underwriter, merchandise questions, or other publicity related questions.

Live Music with suggestions for bands KUMM should bring to Morris, or other questions/comments regarding live music.

Training Director if you want to be trained in to be a DJ, or have other questions regarding training.

Online Director with any issues with the website or suggestions for content.